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Hello, I'm Mei!

In Chuck Klosterman’s book Killing Yourself to Live, he said, “Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” When you create something, especially by hand, you give not just your time and skill to your creation – You give a part of yourself to it. Handcrafters take a lot of pride in their work partly because they see themselves in it. This is why, in a world where everything is mass produced for consumerism, handmade products are so valuable.

I created Cozy as an outlet for my passion for crochet and as a medium for sharing this passion with the rest of the world. I’ve always liked creating complex and intricate patterns from something as uncomplicated as a hook and yarn. Cozy aims for others to delight in unique and delicately crafted products that will offer them the special experience that only handmade can provide.

For a while now, I’ve been creating bespoke items for clients who have an appreciation for handmade. More recently, I’ve created a line of readily available products to put on the market. I started selling on social media and I launched my website in September 2017. Through Cozy, I plan on sharing my skill and knowledge for crochet not only through my finished products but also through pattern-making, workshops, and online courses for beginners who would like to learn the craft and others who would like to turn their passion for making into businesses as well.

Whether you're a maker or a handmade buyer, you'll find something here for you!

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